What Is Super Absorbent Polymer?

SAP (Super absorbent Polymer) is a functional polymer with higher water absorption and superior water retention capability. Hence, it is employed in projects requiring:

  • Absorption of water
  • Retention of excess water
  • Effectively blocking the movement of water

Super absorbent polymer-sodium polyacrylate-potassium polyacrylate (1)

The advantageous aspect of using SAP is that it is:

  • Non Toxic
  • Non-pollutant
  • Harmless in every aspect

Its most beneficial property lies in the fact that it absorbs liquids equivalent to several hundred times of it body mass and transforms it into a Gel; that is why it is able to retain or stop water.



The normal SAP is available in white granular form; its granules come in various sizes. The type of application that SAP is to be used for is the determining factor for deciding the size of granules required e.g. Agricultural usage may require SAP of a size ranging from 5-20 mesh for trees while SAP for grass may be between 20-100 mesh.

Liquid Absorption Capability

This is one of the most vital yardstick by which we measure the quality of this product. The test for its water absorption prowess is quite simple and straightforward; we use 1 gm of SAP and see the absorption within a specified time. Our tests have revealed that the amount of distilled water absorbed is between 200-800 gm.

Liquid Absorption Capability (under pressure)

Strong liquid-absorbing and liquid-locking capabilities for certain conditions and applications; these capabilities provide a wide usage to SAP in the case of:

  • Paper diapers,
  • Sanitary towels and Napkins, and
  • Other hygiene products.

Main applications

For plants

SAP finds wide usage in the agricultural, social forestry, gardening for use as a:

  • Soil water retention agent
  • In seed-coating operations
  • For soil-less cultivation
  • For setting up artificial turf

super absorbent polymer

Advantages of SAP:

  • It saves the irrigating effort, Increases the yield of fruits and crops
  • Improves the germination of seeds
  • Better emergence of the shoots for healthier growth
  • It’s constituents like Potassium, Nitrogen and Phosphorus distribute the fertilizers more efficiently


For hygiene products

sodium polyacrylate

With its awesome properties of liquid-absorption and locking it has finds very useful application in products prone to moisture like:

  • Diapers
  • Sanitary napkins
  • Nursing pads
  • Pet pads

For miscellaneous industrial products

With each passing day, SAP is being employed in more and more industries and applications due to its increasing popularity and efficiency in water deterrence.

Super Absorbent Polymer For Concrete

waterproofing cables

SAP is a highly coveted product as far as the manufacture of water-proof tapes and ointments for all sorts of cables are concerned; even, optical fiber cables use SAP. The extent and the speed of absorption is quite high and so are the overall inflation rate and its quantum of inflation upon encountering water.

In Ice Bags

Fresh water is directed at the individual sheets of ice packs to activate them; Super Absorbent Polymer instantly starts absorbing the water and converting it to a Gel by placing them under fresh tap water; in about 20 minutes time it is seen to soak up enough water to form small cushion-shaped Ice Cubes. They are now ready for use by placing in the freezer.

Inflatable Anti-Flood Sandbags

SAP has this unique application in Disaster Management where it is used in preparing sandbags which, when coming in contact with water, quickly absorb it and expand to form a barrier to the advancing water. Though we call them Sandbags, they actually do not contain any sand; they are so called because that is how they have been known traditionally.

These Sand-less Sandbags are quite small in size and light in weight initially but they soak up the water to assume a solid shape. They are much easier to store and transport and take up lesser space when unused.

Concrete Protection

  • Its permeability happens to be quite low; it totally shuts out the water content
  • Due to its fibrous texture, it can be stored to form a vertical barrier
  • Since it is an effective sealant, it finds application in Cement-base items

Other Applications

It finds extensive usage in a number of specific of products due to its amazing properties; some of them may be listed here:

  • As an additive for functional coating in many specific applications
  • As an additive in Air fresheners
  • For expanding rubber requirements
  • Absorption of waste waters from industries
  • In the mining industry for disaster management and normal seepages
  • In certain cosmetics

Due to its awesome capacity to act on moisture, SAP (Super absorbent Polymer) is finding newer purposes for which it is being employed.

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