What’s disposable incontinence bed chux pads

Disposable incontinence bed chux pads is also called “Chux pads” or chux for short.

As a common hygiene product, it can be used to absorb body fluids such as blood and urine during surgery.

Disposable Incontinence Bed Chux Pads

Chux pads component

  • PE film &SAP &air laid paper &pp
  • Soft and breathable Waterproof
  • OEM/Samples Available


  • Polymer and fluff combo pads bring softer and more comfortable, which is good for moderate to super absorption needs;
  • Safety and Multipurpose – ideal for maternity, incontinence, babies, pets, antiques and more;
  • Sealed on all four sides to prevent leakage, non-skid, waterproof lay backing.

Mainly applications


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Also as a professional manufacture of SAP (Super absorbent polymer) which is the core value part of chux pads, we can make sure the chux pad belongs top quality SAP material with competitive price.

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