Potassium Humate Composite Super Absorbent Polymer

As we know, there are many factors can decide yield such as sunlight, water, fertilizer soil and temperature.

Now we will introduce a product which can improve all of these factor but the sunlight — Potassium Humate Composite Super Absorbent Polymer (simply “PHC-SAP” for short).

Potassium Humate Composite SAP

Water Factor

PHC-SAP can absorb hundred times weight water of its own weight and become a water gel. This gel can lock the water firmly unless soil is dry enough. That means PHC-SAP water gel is like a “mini- reservoir” which can store water when raining and release water when it is drought.

Based on this factor, PHC-SAP can improve seed germination and emergence, reduce the rate of dehiscent fruit, and increase the yield especially in the dry season.

Best Soil Conditioner - Potassium Humate Composite SAP

Fertilizer Factor

There are two sides of PHC-SAP which can improve the fertilizer factor.

Firstly, PHC-SAP contains potassium and fulvic acid which is very good for plants.

The other side, it can absorb the fertilizer liquid when we apply fertilizer and release the fertilizer efficiency slowly by water gel.

Soil and Temperature Factor

PHC-SAP is also a good soil conditioner about:

Soil Quality. PHC-SAP can not only increase the fertilizer in soil, but also improve the viscosity, temperature, PH Value and shatter value.

Soil Viscosity: PHC-SAP water gel can increase sand soil viscosity by mixing.

Soil Temperature: The specific heat of PHC-SAP water gel is as high as water. So it can increase the specific heat of soil by mixing soil around roots of plants.

Soil Shatter Value: PHC-SAP can improve the shatter value by swelling (absorbing water) and shrink (releasing water).

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