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Drilling & Mining Polymer




Drilling & Mining Polymer

Super absorbent polymer (SAP) based products play a key role in the development of oil and gas by allowing drilling crews to rapidly solidify drilling fluid waste (drilling mud and drill cuttings) as it is generated.

SOCO® Polymer can be Drilling Fluid/Drilling Mud Additive, which is suitable for plumb shaft, horizontal well, deep shaft, etc. When compared to commodity absorbents and cement products, SOCO® Polymer' s superior liquid absorbency and retention help oil and gas companies minimize waste disposal costs, treatment time and environmental impact.

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SOCO® Polymer for Stabilization & Recovery

Are you concerned about toxic waste water or sludges from your mining operations? SOCO® Polymer can solidify and stabilize the remaining sludges and slurries for safe and environmentally-friendly disposal.

Mining operations can generate several different types of waste streams:

• Sump pits

• Tailings

• Coal ash pits

• Wash slime waste

• Minerals refinement fractions

Often these waste streams need solidification and binding of free liquids in order to be transported to a licensed disposal facility. Conventional sorbents – sawdust, lime kiln dust, corn cob – normally expands the waste volume by 50-100%. This greatly increases disposal costs in terms of higher transportation costs due to more loads and, of course, higher landfill disposal fees. The use of SOCO® Polymer allows waste generators to meet EPA 9095 (Paint Filter Test) requirements with <1% expansion!


Faster & Larger Absorption.

Harmless & Eco-friendly.

The Polymer Will Not Release Free Liquids.

Increases in Efficiency Can Be Easily Proven in Your Own Labs.

Strong Ion Exchange Capability Allows For An Opportunity to Tie Up

Reduces Industrial Waste Disposal Costs – Expands in Volume by Less Than 1%.

The introduction of our products enhances your overall process and reduces the toxicity of mine tailings. It is best to understand where the additive can be most effective in your specific process and SOCO' s technical specialists are here to help from start to finish by providing guidance for bench testing, establishing a pilot and working closely with you to go-live into production.

We have “Ask The Expert” online service 24/7. If you have any questions please contact us.