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Super absorbent polymer (SAP) can be used in industrial field, such as waste liquid control/drilling fluid/concrete protection/horse urine odor absorbing/drown-free water source for feeder insects/excreta collection/wire and cable water blocking/hot & cold gel pack/urine bag/thickening agent/fragrance carrier/fire-retardant gel /anti-fogging packing material /waterbed, etc. SAP used in agriculture can improve soil quality, preserve water and resist drought stress, it can increase seed sprouting and seedling development leading to better farm success. From the environmental aspects, it is non-polluting and biodegradable, helps in reducing irrigation frequency & water consumption and creates a simple cyclic process to provide water directly to roots and prevent soil compaction.


Featured by its remarkable water-absorption capabilities, it demonstrates a high absorption rate, efficiently retaining liquids even under pressure. Non-toxic, biodegradable, and chemically stable. 


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