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SOCO® Polymer for Water Treatment


ORESORB™ is a specialized series designed for the mining industry, primarily incorporating them into mining processes such as dehumidification, dust suppression, ore transport pretreatment etc. serving as an alternative to mechanical dehumidification to some extent.

ORESORB™ exhibits outstanding water absorption and holding capacity, capable of absorbing water up to 500 times its weight, making it particularly well-suited for high-humidity environments. Additionally, it demonstrates excellent liquid absorption capacity, achieving 70 times in 1% NaCl and 16 times in 0.5% CaCl liquids. The polymer boasts an impressive water absorption speed, reaching full saturation. In terms of safety, it is environmentally friendly and harmless, causing no corrosion or pollution. Furthermore, we offer customization solutions to tailor the product for various applications, scenarios, and performance requirements.Nowadays it has been the more popular choice of raw materials for manufacturing Mining.

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Product Introduction:


*Environmentally Friendly: Sodium Polyacrylate is non-toxic and environmentally safe, making it a sustainable choice for dust suppression.

*Cost-Efficient: The water retention properties of Sodium Polyacrylate ensure long-lasting dust control, minimizing the need for frequent reapplications.

*Versatility: Suitable for various surfaces, including unpaved roads, mining sites, and construction zones.


*Energy Efficiency: ORESORB™ MOS-780 helps reduce energy consumption by lowering frictional resistance in mechanical systems.

*Environmentally Friendly: ORESORB™ MOS-780 is non-toxic and environmentally safe, making it a sustainable choice for dust suppression.

*Cost-Efficient: The water retention properties of ORESORB™ MOS-780 ensure long-lasting dust control, minimizing the need for frequent reapplications.

*Versatility: Suitable for various surfaces, including unpaved roads, mining sites, and construction zones.


*Energy Efficiency: ORESORB™ MOS-720 helps reduce energy consumption by lowering frictional resistance in mechanical systems.

*Extended Equipment Lifespan: By minimizing friction and wear, ORESORB™ MOS-720 contributes to prolonged equipment lifespan.

*Enhanced Lubricity: The polymer's film-forming properties create a smooth and durable surface, ensuring optimal lubrication in various applications.


*Tailored Viscosity: ORESORB™ MOS-J701 allows for the adjustment of viscosity in solutions, optimizing their flow characteristics.

*Stability Enhancement: The polymer imparts stability to suspensions and emulsions, preventing settling or separation.

*Versatile Applications: Used in various industries, including  industrial processes where rheological control is essential.


Standard Specification


White granula 

Absorption in pure water(g/g)


PH value


Particle Size Distribution  (%)  

>30 mesh≤6
30-80 mesh≤90
≤80 mesh≤5

                                                                                                                                                                        *For more details and informationplease consult our specialists 


Sustainable Development  Mining

Made of ORESORB™

Contributing to the sustainable development of the mining industry, ORESORB™ addresses the challenges posed by the diminishing richness of processed minerals due to increased extraction necessitated by growing consumption. This escalating demand leads to an expanded environmental footprint for mining and metallurgical facilities. Notably, future mining operations will require more water and energy, emphasizing the need for resource conservation and recycling. In response, ORESORB™ engineers and researchers are developing new product technologies to tackle these challenges, particularly in consideration of closed-loop systems for more sustainable operations.

The application of ORESORB™ in dehumidification processes within mining operations serves multiple purposes, providing a viable alternative to traditional mechanical dehumidification methods. Desiccant ORESORB™, capable of absorbing and retaining moisture, play a pivotal role in actively reducing humidity levels when strategically placed in mining environments. The versatility of ORESORB™ is evident in their ability to function as coatings, sealants, or integrated components in various materials, creating moisture-resistant barriers tailored to the specific demands of diverse mining conditions.

Moreover, the localized dehumidification capabilities of ORESORB™ allow for a targeted approach, concentrating moisture control efforts in specific areas crucial to mining operations. This stands in contrast to mechanical systems, which often cover larger areas, potentially resulting in higher energy consumption.

While mechanical dehumidification methods, such as refrigeration-based systems, remain prevalent in various industries, the use of ORESORB™ represents a valuable and complementary approach. Particularly in mining scenarios where considerations of energy efficiency, targeted moisture control, and corrosion prevention are paramount, the choice between these methods depends on the specific needs and conditions of the mining operation.

01Rheology modifiers for hydraulic conveying, mine backfill and ore crushing

ORESORB™, as a solution for the sustainable development of the mining industry, plays a crucial role in addressing the challenges posed by the depletion of processed minerals' richness. The increasing extraction required to meet growing consumption levels has resulted in a diminished abundance of minerals, necessitating innovative approaches for hydraulic conveying, mine backfill, and ore crushing. Recognizing the environmental impact of this heightened demand, ORESORB™ focuses on mitigating the expanded environmental footprint associated with mining and metallurgical facilities.


02Reduce dust emissions

ORESORB™'s engineers and researchers are at the forefront of creating advanced technologies to address dust-related challenges. These technologies include specialized dust suppressants and encapsulation agents designed to minimize the dispersion of particles into the air. By integrating these products into mining operations, ORESORB™ aims to significantly reduce the overall dust emissions, thereby contributing to improved air quality in and around mining sites.

Dust suppressant

03Remediation of contaminated sites

ORESORB™ engineers and researchers are at the forefront of creating innovative solutions to rehabilitate areas affected by mining-related contamination. These solutions encompass the development of specialized remediation agents and processes designed to extract, neutralize, or encapsulate harmful substances, effectively restoring the environmental quality of affected sites.

Moreover, ORESORB™ places a strong emphasis on the implementation of closed-loop systems in its approach to remediation. These systems focus on capturing and recycling pollutants, further minimizing the environmental impact of remediation activities. By integrating closed-loop systems into the remediation process, ORESORB™ aims to not only restore contaminated sites but also to do so in a manner that aligns with broader sustainability goals by conserving resources and reducing energy consumption.

Water Treatment


ORESORB™'s engineers and researchers are working on innovative solutions to optimize dredging processes, with a particular emphasis on reducing the environmental impact. This includes the development of eco-friendly dredging agents and techniques that minimize sediment disturbance and the release of pollutants into water bodies. By incorporating these advancements, ORESORB™ aims to mitigate the negative consequences traditionally associated with dredging activities.


ORESORB™ provides technological solutions to reduce dust emissions into the environment across various mining applications: transportation and rail, crushing and conveying installations, loading bulk carriers, open-bed truck transport, and external storage protection. ORESORB™ has made significant strides in the realms of environment, health, and safety, prioritizing the substantial reduction of worker exposure to risks associated with smoke, dust, and chemicals.

Our commitment to becoming world leaders in our field is rooted in delivering optimal services to our clients. Thanks to our global network, we have established a 24/7 team dedicated to providing services around the clock. Comprising representatives with backgrounds in the application field of polymer-based water-absorbing materials, our team aims not only to provide quick responses to specific issues but also to collaboratively work with clients for sustained improvements.

ORESORB™ also pledges to share knowledge, making training for operators using our products a vital aspect of our business. This commitment becomes especially crucial given the widespread skills shortage in the mining industry.


  • What are the main applications of ORESORB™ in the industry?

    ORESORB™ find extensive use in dust suppression, freeze control, friction reduction, rheology modification, and water treatment within mining operations.

  • How do mining chemicals function as dust suppressants?

    Dust suppressant chemicals are applied to mining areas to control and reduce airborne dust particles, improving air quality and promoting a safer working environment.

  • What is the purpose of rheology modifiers in the mining industry?

    Rheology modifiers are added to mining fluids to control their flow properties, improving pumping efficiency, and optimizing the overall handling of materials in various processes.

  • Are these mining chemicals environmentally friendly?

    Many mining chemicals used for dust suppressant, freeze control, friction reduction, rheology modification, and water treatment are formulated to be environmentally friendly, complying with industry sustainability standards.

  • Can these chemicals be customized for specific mining requirements?

    Yes, suppliers often offer customization options for mining chemicals, tailoring formulations to meet specific needs related to dust control, freeze prevention, friction reduction, rheology modification, and water treatment.

  • How are mining chemicals used in water treatment within the mining sector?

    Mining chemicals play a crucial role in water treatment processes, serves as a sludge conditioner and binder in water treatment, facilitating the solidification of sludge. When introduced into wastewater containing sludge, Sodium Polyacrylate interacts with the sludge particles, promoting agglomeration and encapsulation. This results in the formation of a more cohesive and solid mass.

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