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Polymer Cation & Cross-Industry Dynamic Solutions

Polyacrylic acid polymers stand out for their field-leading versatility in neutralization with a wide range of metal hydroxides. This process produces various sodium and potassium polyacrylate salts, with the choice of metal hydroxide determining the cations in the resulting salt. This unparalleled flexibility enables the synthesis of polyacrylates with different metal ions, including but not limited to mercury, lithium, calcium or magnesium. The strategic selection of these metal ions allows tailoring the properties of polyacrylates to meet specific requirements, demonstrating the industry's leading edge in customizing polymer properties for different applications.

Superabsorbent polymers (SAPs) exhibit an exceptional capability to be seamlessly blended with a myriad of substances, showcasing their remarkable versatility across a spectrum of applications. Their inherent ability to absorb and retain large quantities of liquid allows for strategic blending with diverse materials, unleashing a range of functionalities tailored to specific scenarios.

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Unlocking a spectrum of functionalities customized for specific scenarios

Superabsorbent polymers (SAPs) demonstrate an outstanding capacity to seamlessly integrate with a wide array of substances, underscoring their remarkable versatility across various applications. Their innate aptitude for absorbing and retaining substantial amounts of liquid facilitates strategic integration with different materials, unlocking a spectrum of functionalities customized for specific scenarios.


Agriculture & AnimalsIndustryMedical & Others
AgrochemicalWaste Liquid ControlDry Icepack
Field CropsDrilling FluidArtificial snow
Transport for SeedlingMining DehumidificationMedical Waste Absorbent
ForestryWaste Landfill & Slurry SolidificationUrine Bag
VegetablesExpanding RubberExcreta Collection
HorticultureCable Water Blocking PolymerCosmetics Additive
Lawn TransplantSAP For CoagulantAnti-flood Bag
Greening ProjectPaint AdditiveGrowing toys
SAP With FertilizerConcrete ProtectionFragrance Carrier
Pet padTextile PolymersFire-retardant Gel
Horse urine odor absorbing
Anti-fogging Packing Material


If you use of SOCO® Polymer, What can we help you?

Superabsorbent polymers (SAPs) possess remarkable adaptability, seamlessly blending with a variety of substances and showcasing versatility across a broad range of applications. Their inherent capacity to absorb and retain significant liquid volumes enables strategic blending with diverse materials, unlocking a spectrum of functionalities tailored to specific scenarios. We can produce a range of polypropylene-based products tailored to your specific needs and provide corresponding technical support.

Dust SuppressionDrilling Fluid AdditiveWaste remediationFood PackagingScience Kits
Freeze Control AgentsFunctional Coatings Additive Textile AdditiveFragrance CarrierTransportation Liners/Protectors
Friction ReducersAir Fresheners Additive Absorbent FilmsIcepacks AdditiveUrine Absorption
Reclamation AidsExpanding RubberBody Fluid AbsorptionInk SolidificationLiquid Waste Management
Rheology ModifiersMining Industry Additive Blood AbsorptionLaminate StructuresMedical Waste Solidification
Scale InhibitorsCosmetics Additive Waste Liquid AbsorptionLiner for Flower PackagingFilter Agent Application
Water Treatment AdditiveDehydrating AgentLiquid SolidificationMagic TricksPaint Solidification
Waterproofing Cables LayerWater Retaining AgentSolidification AdditiveMedical Waste SolidificationSAP for Coating
Concrete CuringWater Absorbent AgentFiltration/SeparationPaint SolidificationWound Dressings
Sewage TreatmentSoil amendmentFireproof AdditiveSaline Absorption

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