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Formulated Chemicals Service


Formulated Chemicals Service

Sodium Polyacrylate is sodium-based SAP. It is primarily used as a thickening agent because of its unique ability to absorb and hold onto water molecules, making it an ideal ingridient in sludge&slurry solidification, diapers and for plants in the garden or potting soil.


Innovation drives product

SOCO® R&D Laboratory officially launched the development project of Saline-alkali Resistant SOCO® Polymer. At the beginning of the project, SOCO' s R&D team discussed and summarized the difficulties in the research and development of saline-alkali-resistant at this stage: the water absorption capacity prepared by the existing technology can be highly damaged in saline-alkali land (with high salt content), so it can easily cause the dilemma of "high input but low yield".

At the same time, in different cationic salt solutions with the same concentration, the absorption efficiency of soil water-retaining agent decreased significantly with the increase of the number of charges carried by the cations. It was because the complexing ability of the carboxylic acid groups on the superabsorbent composite network could induce Divalent ions form intramolecular and intermolecular complexes, thereby affecting the water absorption properties of the soil water-retaining agent.

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