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SOCO® Polymer for Urine bag/Medical Waste




SOCO® Polymer for Urine bag/Medical Waste

SOCO® Polymer is the main component of the portable urine bags/Medical Waste Treatment Polymer. For user convenience, SOCO® Polymer is usually packed in Water-Soluble Film Packaging when it applied in these application.The capacity of water absorption of it can quickly solidify the urine or medical waste into hydrogel, lock the liquid from leaking, which is environmentally friendly and convenient.

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• Decomposable package, user-friendly.

• Higher efficiency, rapidly dissolve with 5s to 15s in 20℃ water.

• Rapid absorb & solidification liquid waste.

• Anti-odor & Harmless & Safe for environment

• Support OEM and Customization 

Product Information


Model: SNN781S, SNN580H, etc.

Appearance: White solid particle

Packing Specification: Water soluble film (5g/10g/15g/20g/customization/OEM)


● Because the product looks like white granulated sugar, please keep it properly to avoid accidental ingestion by children      

● Do not touch SOCO® POLYMER in water-soluble film packaging with wet hands

● Please store in a dry and ventilated place, and be sure to moistureproof and waterproof


NO1. Feedback from Local Customers

Product:  SOCO®POLYMER (packing with Water soluble film 20g)

Application: Solidify medical waste liquid in hospital                        

Volume of treated liquid each: 2L                                                        

Effect: Absorb & solidify harm liquid like blood and liquid medicine residue, make them easier for disposing and transporting later, which avoids the secondary pollution and ensures safety and reliability.

NO2. Feekback from Europe Customers

Product: SOCO®POLYMER (packing with Water soluble film 5g)

Application: Outdoors & Foldable Port-A-Potty                            

Volume of treated liquid each: 500-700ml                                    

Effect: With quick absorption and easy cleanup, the product can lock in the smell and solidify waste for easy dumping. It is eco-friendly, contains no harmful chemicals -great for the environment and your health.


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