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No.51-2 Wuyang Road, shibei District, Qingdao, china


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  • How do you carry out quality control and quality inspection?

    We use DCS computer control production system to reduce human error. And random inspection to ensure product quality.

  • Do you provide customization service?

    Yes, we offer customization service for our clients. Also we will develop new products in cooperation with customers.

  • Can you provide OEM service?

    We have registrated our own brand SOCO® which is famouse in the industry .And we can provide the OEM service to support your business.

  • What is the packing specification?

    Our regular packages are water-soluble film, small packages, kraft bags(20/25kg) and tons' bags. 

    We also customize OEM packaging according to customer needs.

  • What are the storage conditions of the product?

    Pls ensure that bags are completely sealed and stored in a well-ventilated indoor location, because the products are hygroscopic.

    The shelf life of our products is 2 years, but the shelf life can be extended if the packaging is intact and the storage conditions are good.

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