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Acrylic Additive for Concrete

Aug 30th,2022

Water is Important to Concrete

As we know, control of water is very important to concrete.So we need a kind of additive to handle this point .Here is a product we can call it “Acrylic Additive for Concrete” and it can help concrete better like this:

Acrylic Additive for Concrete

Now, let’s see what it is exactly-what is “Acrylic Additive for Concrete”?

As a polymeric materials, it have the ability to absorb many liquid from surroundings and retain it within their structure.

When It is exposed to water, they swell, and when subsequently subjected to drying, they reversibly shrink. These key properties can actively be used in relation to concrete.


-Permeability concrete.

-It with fibrous shapes potentially can be used to make high

-Can be used as an internal sealant in cement based materials.

-A special use of SOCO Polymer in concrete could be as a controlled release agent.

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