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Take Control of Your Dust Management with Science-based Solutions

Mar 28th,2024

As a leader in innovative dust suppression methods, SOCO® collaborates with our clients to achieve more effective dust control through practical application and guidance on product utilization.

Particle erosion creates significant challenges around environmental stewardship, causing dust deposition and siltation over wide areas that affect other off-site land users and surrounding communities.

Conventional dust suppres methods only create further issues as it wastes limited water resources, contaminates runoff and can contain hazardous chemicals.
Dust issues run across the mine site, impacting equipment and infrastructure that results in more frequent and costly maintenance,
downtime and operational delays.

On roads, conventional management using water is an
ineffective stabiliser, leading to
surface degradation, increased
wear on vehicles, and increased maintenance and running costs.
Left untreated, dust onsite
impacts safety, visibility,
communications and surface
stability, creating high risk working environments.

Dust particulate emissions and ultra-fine airborne particles are also extremely harmful, affecting respiratory health and impacting
the quality of life of employees and nearby communities.
Material lift-off during processing, stockpile and transport operations can equate to significant
production losses and associated revenue.

Conventional management
methods are not only more costly, but also yield ineffective ore and water conditions that affect material flow and grading for suboptimal throughout.

Excessive dustin various areas of mine sites also results in reduced productivity, downtime and operational delays.

Tailored Programs Control Dust Across the Entire Mine Site

SOCO®’s products, specialist capabilities and on-site experience makes global uniquely holistic solutions partner, delivering comprehensive, pit-to-port solutions for every dust generation point – limiting the impact of mining activities on employees, communities and the environment.

Dust Management with SOCO®polymer

Control and Stabilise with SOCO® Polymer

Potassium polyacrylate is an added ingredient in an extremely durable dust suppressant and is a very effective stabilizer and compactor for roads and trafficable areas. As a chemical with a chain-like molecular structure, it controls dust by attaching to surfaces.

Potassium polyacrylate can be easily applied to unsealed surfaces by water wheeling without mixing or special preparation. After construction, the surface is immediately traffic-free and remains stable for months, even under heavy traffic conditions.

Potassium polyacrylate causes cations, which are necessary potassium ions needed by soil and plants. It is a favorable partner in environmental protection following the world environmental protection organization. Compared with other products that have sodium ions that cause soil salinization, potassium polyacrylate Transform potassium polyacrylate into effective dust control applications using sustainable practices.

A Safer, Low-maintenance and Cost-effective Road System.

Establishes responsible stewardship, ensuring surrounding land users, communities and the environment are not adversely
affected by mining activities.

Ensures environmental compliance and reporting with monitoring practices.

Significantly reduces water
consumption for more efficient and effective use of limited resources.

Uses environmentally friendly
products that are sustainably
Effective roadstabilisation
prevents surface degradation,
improves road conditions and
lessens vehicular wear, reducing maintenance requirements and extending vehicle life.

Mitigates impact of fugitive dust on mining equipment and
infrastructure, reducing frequency and extent of maintenance, further saving time, resources and costs.

Reduces maintenance downtime for more efficient, more profitable operations.
Eliminates visibility, communications and safety risks around roads, carparks and trafficked areas, creating safer working environments.

Effective stabilisation improves road conditions and reduces slippage, negating incident risk for vehicular traffic.

Preventing fugitive dust emissions protects against harmful airborne particles affecting the health of employees and nearby communities.
Extended dust suppressing effects requires less frequent treatment compared to conventional methods, generating considerable cost savings and productivity improvements.

Improved road surfaces reduces roll resistance in vehicles and optimises performance, saving fuel, tyres, time and resources.

Prevents against excessive dust impairing productivity or causing operational delays.

SOCO® water-absorbent products have successfully partnered with multiple dust suppressant manufacturers, contributing the environmental dust control solution, which is widely appliced in different industries, ensuring cleaner and safer environments. Learn more about our collaborative efforts in creating a sustainable future!

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