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How to Choose Good Sodium Polyacrylate Supplier /Manufacturer?

Aug 30th,2022

1. Quality

This means that the sodium polyacrylate supplier/manufacturer has an excellent team for product production and quality monitoring. They will test the main indicators of sodium polyacrylate, such as:

• Absorption rate-the speed at which sodium polyacrylate absorbs the solution.

• Absorption-how much sodium polyacrylate can absorb.

• Persistence-the storage time of the gel after absorbing water.

• Size distribution-different applications have different sizes

• Liquid permeability-important for paper diapers and sanitary napkins.

• Residual monomer-important for paper diapers and sanitary napkins.

2.Reasonable Price

Although buyers may want cheaper products to save purchase costs, reasonable product quotations that take into account product quality and service quality are more important.


As a basic chemical, sodium polyacrylate not only has a variety of models and is widely used in hundreds of industries. Good suppliers will provide buyers with sodium polyacrylate products used in exclusive industries and provide high-quality transportation and technical guidance services.

 4.Good cooperation model

This may be more important than the previous ones. Excellent super absorbent polymer suppliers should not only provide high-quality sodium polyacrylate products, but also establish long-term cooperation relationships in technology, R&D, production, and sales with customers. Better quality and larger procurement scale promote mutual benefit.

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