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Humate Soil Conditioner – SAP Potassium Save Your Plants

Aug 31st,2022

What is Soil Conditioner?

Most simply put soil conditioner is a substance that can be added to soil to change the soil properties. And  we distinctly divide soil amendments into 3 categories:

Fertilizers – be it organic or synthetic a fertilizer is a soil amendment that provides plant nutrients.

Soil inoculants – are soil amendments that add biology to the soil in order to improve the soil food web.

Soil conditioners – As previously stated they enhance soil properties.

But the article will introduce a new soil conditioner and I don’t think you heard before. It’s –Potassium Humate Composite SAP.


Humate Soil Conditioner

You may hear “potassium humate” or SAP (potassium polyacrylate), but how about “Humate Soil Conditioner”?

SAP Humate Soil Conditioner for resisting drought in agriculture has high water absorption, high water-retaining property, water-releasing, high comprehensive strength, high associative property.

In one word, it is an amazing Potassium Humate Composite that can absorb and retain water for plants.

It not only has all the functions of a common soil conditioner but also can increase the water-retaining ability of soil — Just like a “mini – reservoir” to release water to plants!

Here are the Advantages:

–Improve seed germination and emergence to give plants an early, healthy start.

–Save the irrigation, increase crops and fruit yield.

-It contains Potassium and releases the fertilizer efficiency slowly.

– It is environmental, environmental protection and biodegradable,non-toxic,non-residue,etc.

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