• Abstract: Sodium polyacrylate is a kind of acrylic acid products with a wide range of uses, and its demand is increasing, so it is also a good variety for leather chemical plants. COONa sodium polyacrylate (—CH_2—CHsodium polyacrylate:——)n has powder (High molecular weight) and liquid (low molecular weight). The powder product is white, and the liquid product is a colorless transparent to light yellow viscous liquid. It is a water-soluble resin. It is easy to agglomerate at a pH of about 4 and is about 2.5. Soluble. It dissolves well in sodium hydroxide aqueous solution, but precipitates in aqueous solutions such as calcium hydroxide or magnesium hydroxide. Almost insoluble
  • Keywords: sodium polyacrylate, acrylic acid, use, water-soluble resin, aqueous sodium hydroxide solution, viscous liquid, magnesium hydroxide, high molecular weight, calcium hydroxide, soluble
  • DOI: CNKI:SUN:PGHG.0.1985-03-009
  • Another name:waterlock;Acrylic acid polymer sodium salt; polyacrylic acid sodium salt; PAAS;High molecular polymer;Super absorbent polymer
  • Uses: Gel lce Pack, Cable Powder, Sewage Treatment, Sandless sandbags, diapers, sanitary napkins, etc.

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