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Qingdao SOCO® at 2024 ISTA Forum: ICEBANK™ Leading Innovation in TempPack Sustainability

Apr 25th,2024

Qingdao SOCO® made a significant impact at the TransPack and TempPack events held from April 22nd to 24th at the Marquis San Diego Marina Hotel in California. SOCO® ICEBANK™ Solutions as a focal point during the discussions and presentations revolving around sustainability, temppack, cold chain logistic.

Qingdao SOCO® made a significant impact at the TransPack and TempPack events(1)

SOCO® ICEBANK™ is the Specialized Formula for Icepack, offering exceptional cooling capabilities, ensuring that perishable goods or medicine stay fresh and viable during transit. It not only meet the stringent requirements of modern packaging but also contribute significantly to reducing food waste and improving supply chain efficiency.

Engineered by the SOCO R&D Team, ICEBANK™ is a cutting-edge Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP)

specifically crafted for the innovation of ice pack technology, which has gained widespread recognition for its versatility across diverse applications and has secured an outstanding reputation in the market due to its exceptional performance.

Small Dose with Large Capacity

The water absorption rate is up to 430 times, and it can be put into use with a small dose.

Stable and Long Holdover Time

After absorbing water, it becomes a stable gel state and holdover time for up to 40 hours.

Fast Absorption Speed

Quickly water absorption in around 25 seconds with strong water locking and water retention capabilities.

Cost Saving

Can be used for times and maintains strong gel strength.


Eco-friendly, Safety, non-toxic and biodegradable. 


Multiple models avai lable and support customization to meet the needs of different scenarios.

Besides the ICEBANK™ fomula, SOCO Team also present the complete Icepack solutions, including the prodcution machine, film and complete icepacks, e.g. gel pack, self-priming icepack, icepack sheet, and water injection icepacks.

Throughout the event, Qingdao SOCO® engaged with industry professionals, sharing insights, conducting product demonstrations, and highlighting the immense potential of the ICEBANK™ Solutions in promoting sustainable practices within the cold chain sector. Attendees, including experts, buyers, and exhibitors, lauded the innovative approach and tangible benefits offered by SOCO®'s solutions in addressing pressing challenges related to temperature-sensitive shipments. 

Moving forward, Qingdao SOCO® remains poised to introduce further innovations that will shape the future of temperature-controlled packaging and contribute significantly to global sustainability efforts.

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