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SOCO Polymer supplier – sodium polyacrylate main application

Jul 7th,2022

Sodium polyacrylate used for wastewater solidification SOCO® sodium polyacrylate is an ultra-high molecular polymer. The polymer contains strong anionic active groups, which can effectively absorb suspended particles in the liquid through the effect of electric neutralization and adsorption bridging, and aggregate them into groups. So as to achieve the purpose of exquisiteness, it has the functions of promoting sedimentation, clarification, purification, thickening, and drag reduction.

Sodium polyacrylate used for Inflatable flood bag
SOCO sodium polyacrylate can be used in water-absorbing swelling bags, a new waterproof product that is simple and quick to use, and is convenient and simple to use. It is made of linen or cotton cloth material with good water permeability, made into outer bags of different specifications and shapes according to different purposes, and made of special absorbent material (sodium polyacrylate) for the inner bag. This kind of inflatable flood control bag has small volume before use, light weight, convenient storage and transportation. Compared with traditional sandbags, the time and manpower are greatly reduced during emergency flood control, and flood control and emergency rescue are more efficient. The water-absorbing swelling bag is an environmentally friendly product, non-toxic, harmless, tasteless, and pollution-free.

Sodium polyacrylate used for Absorbent Pads
SOCO absorbent material – our high-tech absorbent material. It brings a new, specially developed absorbent layer which helps consumers simulate a dry process in vacuum packaging – with amazing results. UseIt is used for absorbing excess water from all kinds of foods such as chicken, fish, fruit, vegetable and pork & beef meet.

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