What Is SOCO Super Absorbent Polymer?

Super Absorbent Polymer For Concrete

-A polymer material with good water absorption and water-holding capacity (hundred times of its own weight).

-The main uses of SAP are absorbing, retaining or to block liquid.

-It can be mainly divided into three major categories which are Hygiene grade, Agriculture grade and Industry grade.

Industrial Grade Applications

sodiumpolyacrylate (2)

For Cables

Used in waterproof tape and waterproof ointment for using in optical fiber cables.

The absorbency and reaction is quickly and the overall inflation rate and inflation extent are good when meeting water.

reusable instant ice gel cold packbag polymer filler material

For Ice Bag

The single sheets of Ice Pack are activated by placing them in fresh tap water. The super absorbent polymer will take up the water instantly, within 20 minutes it has taken up enough water to form cushion shape ice cubes. Then you can place it into freezer before use.

alternative to sandbags-inflatable flood sandless sandbag

For Anti-flood Bag

SAP in anti-flood bag absorb water completely in 3 to 5 minutes when meets water and the bag will inflates quickly. Before absorbing water, the bag is small and light.

It is very easy to store and transport. Also it not needs more storage space than traditional sandbags.

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Top lost circulation solutions -- super drilling mud additive(1)

For Drilling

SOCO Super Drilling Mud Additive (SNA-505) which is a new environmental protection product with good water-absorbable and swellable properties, can effectively against lost circulation.

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chemical admixtures addition used in concrete for high strength concrete & water reducing (1)

For Concrete

-Permeability concrete.
-It with fibrous shapes potentially can be used to make high.
-Can be used as an internal sealant in cement based materials.
-A special use of SOCO Polymer in concrete could be as a controlled release agent.

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Other Applications

Air Fresher, Cooling Material, Air Fresher Additive, Expanding Rubber, Additives of Cosmetics, Additives Special Functional Coatings.

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