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Super Absorbent Polymer

Aug 31st,2022

What is super absorbent polymer (SAP) ?

Superabsorbent polymer is a new functional  material with good water absorption and water holding capacity.

We can use water absorbing polymer absorbing, retaining or blocking liquid – Superabsorbent polymers can absorb water up to hundreds times of its own weight and turn to water gel.

As a Eco-friendly material, Super Absorbent Polymer Powder is totally non-toxic, harmless and nonpolluting.

Super absorbent polymer for agriculture

SOCO Agriculture grade super absorbent polymer just like a “Mini-reservoir”: absorb the water when it is raining and release water back when it is dry. 

Super absorbent material can:

-improve seed germination & emergence, give plants an early, health start;

-contains Potassium 18.3% and release the fertilizer efficiency slowly;

-save the irrigation and improve the soil water holding capacity 85% (for sand);

– increase crops and fruit yield 70% (for melon planting in California).

SOCO® Water Absorbing Material FAQ

1.Superabsorbent polymer is a new functional material with good water absorption and water holding capacity.

2.Super absorbent polymer is a new functional material with good water absorption and water holding capacity.

3.There are many kinds of superabsorbent polymers products which are used for agriculture,industry and hygiene.

4.S.A.P powder can pose certain dangers if not handled properly. e.g. if the powder is inhaled, liquid absorbing material can irritate the lungs–but that’s

 not generally a concern. If sap polymers enters sewer or drainage systems in large quantities, super absorbent material can cause serious clogging and should be dealt with immediately.

5.Super absorbent polymer is safe–non-toxic and free from any major safety risks.

How SuperAbsorbent Polymer works?

Agriculture grade super absorbent polymer consists of a set of polymeric chains that are parallel to each other and regularly linked to each other by cross-linking agents, thus forming a network.

When water comes into contact with one of these chains, it is drawn into the molecule by osmosis. Water rapidly migrates into the interior of the polymer network where it is stored.

That’s how super absorbent polymer powder turns to water gel.

As this water gel’s absorption ability is bigger than soil but less than roots of plants, the absorbed water by super absorbent polymer will be released to plants when absorbent polymer is dry.

Tips: the specific retention of agriculture SAP is 1.3-1.4 MPa and the specific retention of roots is about 1.6-1.7 MPa

Product Test

Mainly Superabsorbent Polymer Applications

Hydrogel for large-scale agriculture

15 to 30 kg per Hectare dosage, along with seeds hole application or ditch application to the soil around the seed, the seed germination rate can effectively improve and promote seedling growth. Gets success planting corn in the U.S, pature in arid area of Inner Mongolia, potatoes grown in Cape Verde Africa, and melon yield increase more than 70%.


Water retention agent special for lawns and sod

SOCO® polymer is very easily used throughout the growth cycle of lawns and sod. They ensure good germination, faster root development, and regular and even growth of lawns. The rooting of sod is also faster. Super absorbent polymer are widely used in landscaping for golf courses and grass in parks and gardens.

Water retention agent special for mixing with fertilizers

To reduce leaching of nutrients in the soil, SOCO® Polymer may be mixed dry into fertilizer preparations. The behavior of plants fertilized with this mixture makes

super absorption polymers

possible to maintain or even increase yield while at the same time protecting the environment from leaching. Manufacturers’ test results also show better root development of the plants.

Water retention agent special for horticu lture

SOCO® polymer for horticulture can be added to the soil when plants are planted, which will increase the survival rate of plants, increase the drought resistance of plants, facilitate plant generation, and reduce garden care costs.

Water retention agent special for Arboriculture

Super absorbent polymer is effective in the planting of trees, bushes, and jungle. It makes superabsorbents polymer possible to reduce the mortality rate during transplanting and to enhance root development and therefore brings about more rapid growth and production.

Water retention agent special for Transpl lanting adult trees

The use of Super absorbent polymer soil water retention agent is one of the main technical guarantee measures for the “site formation” of large trees with canopy transplantation.

Water retention agent special for vegetables

Using eggplant, chiehwa, and ribbed loofah as materials, two types of water-retaining agents with different particle sizes were used to raise seedlings to study the effect of water-retaining agents on vegetable seedling quality and fertility retention. The results show that the higher the concentration of the water-retaining agent in the seedling substrate, the stronger the fertilizer-holding capacity of the seedling substrate, but when the concentration of the water-retaining agent is too high, super absorption polymers will inhibit the growth of vegetable seedlings, and the low-concentration water-retaining agent has a significant effect on promoting the growth of vegetable seedlings, and the small particles The seedling strengthening effect of diameter water retaining agent is better than that of large particle size water retaining agent. When the concentration of small particle size water retaining agent is 1%, the seedling effect is the best. The plant height, stem thickness and maximum leaf area of eggplant,chiehwa, and ribbed loofah seedlings Both reached the maximum value, and the difference was                                                extremely significant compared with the control.

Water retention agent special for greening project

Super absorbent polymer is commonly used in greening project:
stabilizes newly graded soils, maintain a minimum of surface water;
reduces the amount of mulch;
prevents cellulose mulch from becoming hardpan;
helps rapid sprouting of seedlings even in dry areas.

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