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SOCO® SAP (Superabsorbent Polymer) Flame Retardants Could Reduce Multiple Types of Losses and Mitigate Fire Impacts If Used in Hawaii Wildfires

Aug 29th,2023

Features of SOCO®SAP flame retardant:


SOCO® SAP flame retardants have a high absorbency for water and aqueous solutions. They can absorb liquids many times their weight, making them effective in a variety of applications.

Flame Retardant Properties:

SOCO®SAP flame retardants are specially designed to have flame retardant properties. They contain compounds that inhibit or retard the spread of flames when exposed to fire.


SOCO® SAP flame retardants are generally non-toxic and safe for use in a variety of products, including those that come into contact with humans or animals.

Heat Stable:

These flame retardants are designed to be stable at high temperatures, ensuring their effectiveness in fire protection applications.

Chemical Compatibility: 

SOCO® SAP flame retardants are compatible with a wide range of materials including plastics, textiles and coatings, making them versatile and useful in different industries.

Environmental Considerations:

 SOCO® SAP flame retardants are designed to be environmentally friendly and comply with environmental and regulatory standards.

Uses of SOCO® SAP Flame Retardants:

Textiles and Fabrics:

SOCO® SAP flame retardants can be incorporated into textiles and fabrics to enhance their flame retardancy. They are used in applications where fire safety is critical, such as protective clothing, drapes and upholstery.

Construction materials:

These flame retardants can be added to construction materials such as paints, coatings, and insulation to increase their fire resistance. They are critical to building safety and compliance with fire codes.


SOCO® SAP flame retardants are used in electronic equipment, including circuit boards and enclosures, to reduce the risk of fire due to electrical failure or overheating.

Automotive industry:

They find application in the automotive sector, especially in the manufacture of flame-retardant seat covers, interior components and wiring insulation.

Aerospace industry:

SOCO® SAP flame retardants are used in aircraft interiors and components to enhance fire safety and meet aviation regulations.


Furniture manufacturers can add these flame retardants to foam cushions, upholstery and wood coatings to reduce fire hazards.


SOCO® SAP is sometimes used in mattress production to meet safety standards and reduce the risk of mattress fires.

Fire Extinguishers:

In some cases, SOCO® SAP flame retardants are used in the formulation of fire extinguishing agents to enhance their effectiveness.

Polymer materials:

SOCO® SAP flame retardant is added to polymer materials to make them flame retardant and ensure that plastic products comply with safety standards and regulations.


Application of SOCO® SAP (Superabsorbent Polymer) flame retardant to Hawaii wildfires can reduce many types of damage and lessen the impact of fires. SOCO® SAP flame retardants can play some of the following roles:

Reduced property damage:

SOCO® SAP flame retardants can be used as a preventive measure around residential and commercial properties in areas prone to wildfires. When a fire looms, these substances can form a fire barrier, reducing the likelihood of a building catching fire and minimizing property damage.

Enhanced Firefighter Safety: 

By using SOCO® SAP flame retardants, firefighters can more effectively create fire and containment lines. This helps keep them safe and enables them to control wildfires more effectively.

Protecting Natural Habitats:

 Hawaii is known for its unique and fragile ecosystems. Applying SOCO® SAP flame retardants can help prevent wildfires from spreading to natural areas, protect the environment and preserve native species.

Improved air quality: 

Wildfires produce smoke and harmful air particles that can adversely affect air quality and human health. By reducing the intensity and spread of wildfires, SOCO® SAP flame retardants can help minimize the release of smoke and pollutants into the atmosphere.

Preventing evacuations: 

In some cases, SOCO® SAP flame retardants can avoid the need for mass evacuations by containing or slowing the progress of wildfires. This reduces disruption and stress to communities and individuals.

Infrastructure protection:

Wildfires can damage critical infrastructure, such as power lines and water systems. The application of flame retardants can protect these critical assets, ensuring uninterrupted service during and after a fire.

Economic savings:

The cost of fighting wildfires and restoring work after a fire can be high. By reducing the size and intensity of wildfires, SAP flame retardants can help save costs associated with firefighting and recovery operations.

Community Resilience:

Implementing flame retardancy strategies can enhance community resilience to wildfires, making them better prepared for future fire events.


It is important to note that the effectiveness of SOCO® SAP flame retardants depends on many factors including the specific formulation used, application method, weather conditions and timing of application. Fire management agencies and emergency responders in Hawaii may consider SAP flame retardants as part of their wildfire prevention and containment strategies to help mitigate damage and protect human and environmental assets.

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