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What is Super Absorbent Polymer Exactly ?

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SOCO Super Absorbent Polymer

Widely used in agriculture, forestry and gardening, such as soil water retention agent, seed coating, soil-less cultivation, artificial turf, etc.

Mainly used in Hygiene Products such as Diapers, Sanitary Napkins, Nursing Pad and Pet Pad ect.

Mainly used in sandbag, protection material of concrete,waterproof tape and waterproof ointment for using in optical fiber cables and so on.

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Delivered as a flat one-pound sack, they absorb up to 45 pounds of fresh water in five minutes, forming a dense gel that blocks and redirects water

It is used for absorbing excess water from all kinds of foods such as chicken, fish, fruit, vegetable and pork & beef meet.

water jellygel polymer beads

Water beads are made of SAP. It can absorb large amount of water and turn to a bigger ball.


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