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The Best Way to Compare Prices of Sodium Polyacrylate

Aug 30th,2022

What is sodium polyacrylate?

It can absorb water and is also called “Superabsorbent polymer ” in wikipedia. This kind of polymer can absorb hundreds times its weight and widely used in hygiene products such as paper diaper & sanitary towel. ( details about sodium polyacrylate )

What are the famous suppliers ?

China, Japan and Korea are the top 3 export countries in the world.The mainly suppliers list is as follows,

Sumitomo (Japan) – disadvantaged: Liquid permeability

San-Dia (Japan)-disadvantaged: Particle size distribution 

Nippon (Japan)-disadvantaged:Antioxidant

Formosa (China)-disadvantaged:Absorption under pressure

Basf (Germany)-disadvantaged:Antioxidant

LG (Japan)-disadvantaged: Antioxidant,Liquid permeability

SOCO Polymer (China)-disadvantaged:Demand exceeds supply

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