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How To Compare Super Absorbent Polymer Suppliers (Manufacturers)

Aug 30th,2022

Which country the supplier in is best?

The top 3 export countries are China, Japan and Korea in the world. Here are the mainly supplies as follows,

Sumitomo (Japan) – disadvantaged: Liquid permeability

San-Dia (Japan)-disadvantaged: Particle size distribution 

Nippon (Japan)-disadvantaged:Antioxidant

Formosa (China)-disadvantaged:Absorption under pressure

Basf (Germany)-disadvantaged:Antioxidant

LG (Japan)-disadvantaged: Antioxidant,Liquid permeability

SOCO Polymer (China)-disadvantaged:Demand exceeds supply

What items to test the super absorbent polymer?

1.Absorbent rate—How fast the polymer absorbing liquid. (Surely important for Sanitary Pads .)

2.Absorption–How much the polymer can absorb. (Surely important for Sanitary Pads .)

3.Absorption under pressure and retention capacity after centrifugation–Make sure that gel lock the water well.(The sanitary pads will be more dry and comfortable.)

Others Tips

Make sure to know the Production Capacity, Date of Delivery,  Technical Aftersales before import.

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